Test & Development

Vehicle Test

  • Full vehicle development – Crash, Durability, Aero/Thermal, NVH, Brakes, Attributes
  • Develop and deliver the vehicle and component level DVP
  • Kinematics and compliance measurement system SKCMS
  • Rig testing for component development
  • Euro 6 emissions testing

Test Track Facilities

  • 2.2 mile FIA surface compliant test track
  • Multi-configurable layout
  • Located on-site next to the Lotus facilities
  • High security location

Value-added that Lotus can provide

Complete test and development for all class of vehicles

Propulsion Labs

Test Cells

  • Extensive powertrain testing experience
  • Assured client confidentiality
  • Tailor support to your individual requirements
  • Full turnkey solution with our experienced team of development, calibration & test facility technicians supporting your programmes

Test Cell Facilities

  • 20 fully equipped test cells
  • Cold chamber to –30 °C
  • Engine Semi Anechoic Chambers
  • High speed valve train rigs
  • Coolant and oil pump rigs and tilting rigs for oil and coolant flow work
  • Battery simulation and testing
  • Metrology department
  • Vehicle Kinematic & Compliance Rig
  • Vehicle workshops and engine build & strip facilities

Value-add that Lotus can provide

Complete powertrain and engine test and development for all types of propulsion systems