Alloys & Composites

  • Design and development of bonded aluminium & composite structures
  • Specific design and development of composite crash structures
  • Design concepts, CAE simulation and optimisation
  • Experience of a wide range of materials and manufacturing processes

Bonding Technologies

  • Design and development of bonded lightweight aluminium  structures
  • Design with multiple adhesive joining technologies
  • Composite and adhesive material characterisation; static and dynamic testing
  • Design technology experience 500-20k units pa

Lightweight Architectures

  • Mixed material design solutions
  • Whole vehicle weight down reviews and target setting
  • Subsystem and system level weight and cost reduction studies
  • Part integration and novel architectures

Value-add that Lotus can provide

Create multi-functional high performing body structure modules
Create complete “structures on wheels”

Develop and apply latest structural composite technologies for improved weight stiffness and packaging



  • Over 75,000 bonded vehicle structures supplied to date with zero failures in the field
  • Design, engineering, supply chain management and logistics
  • Manufacturing and assembly
  • CNC machining, PLC controlled saws, hydraulic presses, stretch forming and inspection
  • Bonded, welded, mechanically fixed structures
  • Sheet, cast and extruded aluminium
  • Mixed material process solutions
  • Aluminium, magnesium and composite assembly


  • Sulphuric acid anodising
  • Fully automated anodising
  • Fully automated powder coating
  • Full process control and traceability

Value Add

  • Joining / bonding technology expertise and technical ‘know-how’ in bonded aluminium chassis structures
  • Lightweight materials knowledge in aluminium, magnesium, thermoplastic materials, composites including carbon fibre