Optimised Performance

  • Pioneering new designs & incorporating new technologies in road & race engines
  • Experience in whole powertrain integration and design
  • A track record of developing high and low volume production engines from concept to production
  • Understanding the impact and requirements of the engine on the vehicle
  • Expertise in extending the life and increase volume of existing engines whilst adapting to changing market and legislative requirements

Range Extender Programs

  • Design & development of small, lightweight, efficient Range Extender engines, that are optimised to a variety of series hybrid applications
  • Integrated engine and “gen-set” control system
  • Designed to use either an integrated generator or any alternative externally supplied generator
  • Designed for vertical and horizontal installation
  • Lower cost and faster to market than re-engineering an existing conventional engine

Value-add that Lotus can provide

Engineering powertrain solutions across the complete spectrum
Combustion analysis, calibration and emission analytics

Targeted design and development for efficient power generator serial hybrid solutions

Advanced Propulsion

Electrification Technologies

  • Engineering complete drivetrain systems for hybrid and electric vehicles for single technology demonstrators and series production
  • Definition and integration of all major components and systems including:
    • Motors
    • Batteries
    • High voltage & low voltage electrical systems
  • Understanding the needs and impact of the drivetrain on the whole vehicle
  • Experience of applying both combustion engines and hydrogen fuel cells in hybrid vehicles

Hybrid & EV Vehicle Development

  • Extensive experience in developing a wide range of electrical and mechanical drivetrain systems
  • Drivetrain development including:
    • Inverter and motor characterisation
    • Electric motor development
    • Drivetrain durability testing
    • Component and subassembly testing
    • Drivecycle simulation
  • Low volume niche vehicle design, test and production build

Value-add that Lotus can provide

Technology assessment to provide optimum driveline concept definition

Integration of electric / hybrid vehicle drivelines into the total vehicle package

Energy Storage

Energy Storage

  • Proven experience in designing, controlling, integrating and building whole EV and HEV energy management systems
  • Development of control strategies and electric architectures to manage the total drivetrain and vehicle systems energy and power needs
  • Lotus control hardware for prototype and low volume applications
  • Total system requirements definitions, develop software and integrate all hardware elements for managing the electrical energy across vehicle batteries, drive motors, on-board generation and vehicle and comfort systems

Battery & Alternative Energy Solutions

  • Battery simulation, development and build:
    • Emulation of high performance batteries
    • Simulation of high voltage 800 V DC
    • Optimisation and evaluation of electric modules and power electronics
  • Design and integration for hydrogen fuel cell powertrains
  • Vehicle and engine upgrades & adaptations to enable the use of alternative fuels including alcohols and gaseous fuels such as hydrogen & CNG
  • Expertise in both engine and vehicle alternative fuel applications
  • Calibration and control strategies for alternative and flex-fuel operation

Value-add that Lotus can provide

Development and testing of alternative energy storage systems.

Electric/electronic systems design – Battery management systems (BMS)