Aerodynamic Development

  • Full external aerodynamic development (external test facilities)
  • Combination of test and simulation – CFD and 1D modelling
  • Development of vehicle aerodynamic balance and drag optimisation
  • Thermal development – heat rejection, cooling systems, thermal management


  • Virtual full vehicle aerodynamic development
  • Correlation to wind-tunnel test
  • Early aerodynamic assessment  from styling surface
  • Flow management development for brake cooling
  • 1D and 3D development of cooling systems and vehicle HVAC systems

Value-add that Lotus can provide

Complete development of high performance aerodynamic packages for performance vehicles

Detailed aerodynamic and thermal simulation analysis
Correlation with physical testing

Driving Dynamics

Chassis Design & Development

  • Engineering the driving experience
  • Target assessment and cascade
  • Suspension concepts and selection
  • Mechanical design and optimisation
  • Combined design and simulation approach (CAE)
  • Prototype and production design

Vehicle Dynamics Development

  • Integrated approach to driving dynamics encompassing: ride, handling, NVH, aerodynamics, performance & dynamic safety
  • Benchmarking and target setting; subjective and objective vehicle assessments
  • Vehicle development and testing
  • Damper tuning and characterisation

Value-add that Lotus can provide

Competitive benchmarking, simulation and suspension engineering design

Vehicle dynamic development and tuning to achieve segment leadership

Sound Dynamics

NVH Development

  • Benchmarking & assessment
  • Vehicle noise & vibration measurement and data analysis – engine, road and wind noise
  • Intake & exhaust development – exhaust sound quality
  • Exterior noise – legislative drive by and sound quality

Active Noise Control

  • Lotus Engineering has over twenty years of experience in Active Noise Control (ANC) technologies
  • External Engine Sound Synthesis (EESS) improves pedestrian safety for H&Evs and addresses minimum noise levels for ‘quiet’ electric vehicles
  • Creation of Internal Engine Sounds Synthesis (IESS) that are independent of exterior noise to improve the in-cabin experience.
  • Road Noise Cancellation (RNC) and Engine Order Cancellation (EOC) give greater control over refinement and can minimise undesirable low frequency noise
  • ANC can replace conventional NVH solutions, which are in general complex, heavy and expensive

Value-add that Lotus can provide

NVH assessment, noise evaluation and vehicle development to achieve low noise targets and high level of refinement

Implication of active noise technology to provide optimum NVH solutions and sound enhancement