Active Systems

Lotus AVT

  • AVT is a fully variable hydraulically operated valve actuation system that enables faster R & D of new engine technologies and combustion performance
  • AVT eliminates the need to change hardware, dramatically speeding up development times and saving costs
  • Replaces camshaft with a hydraulically operated valve system that can simulate an extensive, user definable range of valve lift profiles & timings from 2 to 8 stroke combustion cycles in real-time
  • Operates at 8,000 rpm whilst maintaining accuracy of results & quality of data
  • System is scalable from single cylinder gasoline engines to heavy duty diesel engines

Lotus Controllers

  • Faster to market, lower cost development and greater flexibility for all niche control applications
  • Can integrate with other vehicle systems, sensors and actuators from any source
  • Fully compatible with latest emissions, diagnostics, EMC and safety requirements
  • Applications include cars, motorbikes, marine, automatic transmissions, EV and HEV
  • Lotus Controllers have been proven in many Lotus Vehicles (Elise, Exige and Evora) as well as R&D programmes since 1994

Value-add that Lotus can provide

Research tools for engine development to achieve combustion efficiency to meet high performance and emissions targets

Flexible electronic controls suitable for rapid system integration development or low volume production applications

HMI – Driver Simulation

HMI & Connectivity

  • Expertise in complex integration of networked systems that use Lotus’ own control technology to combine the controllers of the individual vehicle networks
  • Integration of off-the-shelf networked systems for cost effective applications
  • Effective integration of new electronic networked systems to provide a product advantage
  • An alternative solution to using systems or engineering support from large tier 1 suppliers

Driver Simulation & Driver Testing

  • Holistic approach to simulation and component characterisation
  • Engineering dynamics parametric design
  • Test track / Race track data capture
  • Vehicle evaluation – virtual / physical
  • Driver training – Engineering subjective evaluation training

Value-add that Lotus can provide

Rapid system integration for vehicle development using the latest tier-1 connectivity technology

Vehicle simulators
Driver in the Loop (DIL)
Driver training